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Game Strategy Guide

There are a few areas that are a bit confusing to capture, so we have summarized them in the following pages.

Please see if you are OK with spoilers.

Pricia Defense Strategy Guide’s Page

Location of saved data

Saved data is located in the following folder.


In this folder,

is the save data.


The game genre is TPS (Third Person Shooting) + Tower Defense.


Since time immemorial, the Kingdom of Enerf has possessed the technology to generate energy using crystals and magic. energy generation technology using crystals and magic.

With its mighty power, which no other country could imitate Eneruf had built a rich civilization.

On the other hand, however, it was often threatened by neighboring countries However, it was often threatened by its neighboring countries.

The conflict with Grimmore, a country of northern magicians, was one of them. One of them is the conflict with Grimmoor, a country of northern magicians.

A week earlier, Grimmoor launched an invasion of Enerf's northern stronghold, North Fort.

In just a few days, the North Fort was destroyed.

In the midst of all this, Enelph's princess, Prissia, is invited to the North Fort. Princess Prissia of Enerph is invited to North Fort.

With hopes and anxieties in her heart, Princess Knight Prissia She went to the North Fort. ......

Game Flow

Explore the field and prepare for battle by strengthening and equipping yourself.

Pricia Defence Title Image

When you enter the tower defense field, you will be in combat.
Monsters invade from Red Crystal.
Defend against monsters reaching the Blue Crystal.


To gain an advantage in defense, traps are placed on the ground. The placement of traps consumes MP.


Once the trap is set, the battle begins. Stand your ground and protect the blue crystal!


If the monster is downed by the monster, it will enter forced sex.
During forced sex, you will gradually take damage; hit A and D alternately to get back on track.


Operation method

pricia_sousa1 pricia_sousa2

Setup screen


operating environment

*Precia Defense is a 3D game and requires a GPU other than on-board (Nvidia/AMD).


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