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Desktop Mascot Maker


Let's make Desktop Mascot with Unity!

Desktop Mascot Maker is a tool for creating your desktop mascot character with Unity.

You can make 3D/2D mascot with extremely easy steps!



What can I do with this asset?

Do you want to make Desktop Mascot with Unity?

DesktopMascotMaker is Unity Asset for creating a Desktop Mascot easily.

3D model orbital view

You can see your 3D Desktop Mascot with any angle.

Add balloon, label or button by using uGUI

DesktopMascotMaker is ready for uGUI. You can add balloon or label to Desktop Mascot by using uGUI.

With Live2D/E-mote

If you use Live2D or E-mote plugin together, you can make 2D Desktop Mascot very easy.

Use of Mouse/Keyboard Events

You can interact with Mascot Character by using mouse/keyboard events.

How to use Desktop Mascot Maker?

To display a Mascot, attach MascotMaker (or MascotMakerMulti) component to the camera.

That’s it, it’s very easy!

Please See Reference Manual for the details.

Document Download

Document Version 1.9.0 (2018/01/14) latest

Demo Programs

Here are the sample programs made by DesktopMascotMaker.

Desktop Mascot Maker Demo Program

This basic demo is included in Desktop Mascot Maker asset.


NiconiRittai-Chan Desktop Mascot

Download (bowlroll)

Unity-Chan! Live Desktop Mascot

Download (bowlroll)

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